Here you can find the dollz I have made on the Keiko bases. You will find them in the order from newest to older.

May 14, 2003. This is a doll for my sister Val from Dollz of Flavor. She's an overall freak, but I didn't want to put her in an overall, so I chose to dress her in a little overall dress. And Docs, of course.

April 14, 2003. Just a random dollie I dressed up in purple. Her name is Zina.

April 03, 2003. A blonde Keiko called Zoë. Slightly kinky with that necklace. Ha ha.

April 01, 2004. When I saw this outfit in an online catalog, I had to doll it! I absolutely love the skirt and if I'd find it here in a store nearby, it would certainly be mine.

March 02, 2003. Janoux is one of the two dollies I made on my birthday when I drastically decided to go red with my lay-out. My only lay-out without purple. It was shocking, especially to my sisters.

March 02, 2003. Here is the other half of the red lay-out couple, Deliah. The layout was inspired by Tim Burton's work. The dollz were more a combination of the Tim Burton mood and gothic lolita.

February 17, 2003. I like this one, Eyrun. All in light blue and somewhat spacy. I had never made a slightly spacy doll before.

February 15, 2003. A gift for Camilla's birthday.

SFD Winter Exchange
January 05, 2003. At the SFD forum we had exchanges, often seasonal or holiday related. This was my contribution to the Winter Exchange.

December 23, 2002. When I have made a new base, I used to make the first doll on it a me-doll. In this case, the second doll. The outfit is based on something I have. It has many sheer layers, but at that time it was hard for me to get it to look right in pixels.

Holiday Greetings
December 22, 2002. A Keiko holiday greeting.

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