Devika and Deviko

Here you can find the dollz I have made on the Devika and Deviko bases. You will find them in the order from newest to older.


January 17, 2006. This year's first doll. Her name is Luna, and she tends to daydream a lot. Always with her head above the clouds.


December 12, 2005. He just loves to eat that snow.

Happy Halloween
October 29, 2005. It's them again, Halloween style. ;)

The Foo Fighters
July 22, 2005. Oh yes, I'm a fan! Took me quite some time to make, but it was all worth the time. (Trust me, I have to *really* be a fan to pixel a band or someone.)

Phantom and Christine
May 30, 2005. Ever since seeing the film of the musical I'm completely hooked. I never saw the musical in the theatre, but I always loved its music. Now I've seen the latest film, it comes close to obsession. Ha ha.

Damon & Josie
April 29, 2005. For his birthday.

April 18, 2005. In March and April I've started making more and more props, more non-dollz pixel art. Steph gave me a particular hard time about the "thingie behind the couch". At first I tried a chamber screen, then I tried a lamp, but finally she approved of the bird cage. She's so lovely to me. :p

April 10, 2005. This is my little shopkeeper. It's another me-dollie. I put my Cafepress Shop online and I figured I needed a shopkeeper. Eventually I decided the image was quite large for my front page, so she sits happily among the other Devikas now.

Josette and Capucine
April 09, 2005. Her name is Josette... and her feline friend's name is Capucine. Quite the name for such a kitty, but she's got quite the matching personality... so the world makes sense again. One of my favourite dollies so far.

March 26, 2005. Sweet mermaid Sanjula. I liked the doll so much that I made her into a piece of vector art too. That vector art can be found on some products in my shop.

X-Statik and Ophelia
February 18, 2005. My first dollz after quite the hiatus.

June 12, 2004. Lisette in a gothic lolita inspired sleeping set.

June 01, 2004. A doll made for Casey's girlfriend Christina.

June 01, 2004. A doll made for a LiveJournal friend, Casey.

April 08, 2004. A BST request from my shop by StaceyThePink. She wanted a polka dotted top.

April 08, 2004. A BST request from my shop by Marni. Marni wanted a doll of herself in a Harry Potter costume.

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