Adoptions 1

Dollz I have adopted from various sites. Do not adopt the dollz from here, but visit these doll creators' websites and adopt them from there.

Love this portrait doll Steph from Shimmerland made. It's amazing, almost not a doll anymore, definitely a piece of art. It's so very Steph! The base is the Turlie base by Dollz of Flavor.

Dollz Of Flavor
Cute little Soko, by Val from Dollz of Flavor. Those big eyes do it. It's on her Moini base. Adorable.

Xandorra's Place
Had to adopt Akina, by Amy from Xandorra's Place. Beautiful colour combination and just love the pattern on the dress.

Moonpixel Dollz
Lovely dark angelic purple-dressed doll by Donna from Moonpixel Dollz. She uses it in her layout at the moment.

Fainelloth Dolls
Beautiful doll, inspired by J.E. Bowser art. Created by Susanne from Fainelloth Dolls.

Anne's Creations
Absolutely gorgeous doll by AnneHelene. The base is by Ma Petite Poupee.

Charli's Pixel Studio
Charli can do such beautiful hair. I think this doll has a certain sweetness to her.

Sparkling Ice
Look at the details and everything. Isn't she beautiful? Created by Sandrine from Sparkling Ice.

Packaged Bliss
I simply love this doll from Packaged Bliss. The outfit, colouring and of course the butterflies. Base by Aoisland and face credit goes to Heartsdesire.

Magical Clover
This is such a cute doll... mischievous. She was made by Emma from Magical Clover. The base is by Pinkland.

Her work has so much imagination and her style is so realistic, Laurie, from Alilkutez. Such a beautiful doll. Love the wolf cub.

Solace's Meadow
I had to adopt this doll by Birgitte from Solace's Meadow. It was a tough choice what to adopt, but the Art Nouveau made me choose this. Lovely!

Stuff 'n' Nonsense
So beautiful. She's created by Tyler from Stuff 'n' Nonsense. I really like the style of the contrasty contour lines. I love the outfit, and it's purple too!

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