Rules & F.A.Q.

I have a few sweet and simple rules:

1: Do not take or edit my dollz and claim or publish them as your own.
2: Do not take my bases and publish them on your site as your own.
3: Do not copy my website. Do not copy my dollmakers.

If you have any more specific questions concerning my site or its content, please read the following F.A.Q. before contacting me.


1: Can I adopt your dollz?
Yes, no problem. Unless stated that it's not adoptable. Please provide a text link back to my website (, or take one of my banners.

2: Can I use the dollz I make on your dollmaker in websets or signatures?
Well... depends in the first place if they're adoptable or not. Second, if you use them for signatures or websets, do not edit the doll. Do not recolour them or change anything about the doll. You can add animation, a background or text... but I would like the doll to stay the way I intended it to be. And a link back to my site ( goes without saying, of course. Please let me know and ask for permission if you use my dollz for your own projects. If this is in any way unclear, please contact me.

3: How do you make your dollz?
I draw them in Photoshop. But you can basically use any graphic program you like.

4: How come I can't make those dollz that you have on your site on your dollmaker?
Well, the idea of this site was to display the dollz I have drawn. Later on, I created some dollmakers. So if you see dollz that you can't make on dollmakers, then it is because I have drawn them separately in a graphic program. Remember, I also pixeled all those little dollmaker props. There isn't a program that pops them out like that. I do not make dollz with dollmakers; I make dollmakers.


5: Can I draw dollz on your bases?
Yes, of course. Please provide credit in the form of a link back to my site (

6: Can I make a dollmaker out of one of your bases?
No, sorry.

7: Can I edit your bases when I want to make dollz with them?
Sure, you may recolour them, change the face, change the position slightly if that suits your needs better. But do not publish these edited bases as your own. I do require a link back for credit... see the answer at question number 5.


8: Will you make more dollmakers?

9: Can I use the dollz I make on your dollmaker on my website?
Yes sure, just provide a link back to my site (, so other people can find the dollmaker too.

10: Can I use the dollz I make on your dollmaker in websets or signatures?
Yes, same goes for posting them on a website.


11: Can you make me a website?
I don't make websites for free, however, if you're seriously interested, feel free to e-mail me.

12: Can you teach me how to make a website then?
Sorry, but no.I don't have the time to be a webdesign tutor.

Here are some helpful links:
- How to create a website - Google search
- Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by example
- Lissa explains it all - HTML help and tutorial for kids
- HTML Help

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