Who is the person behind this website?
My name is Josephine and I'm an interaction/interface designer in a web app development team for a large international market research company located in Amsterdam. Together with my two black cats Beau and Boris I live in a sweet apartment in Arnhem. Since February 2009 I'm a tattoo apprentice. I love to design, paint and draw, digitally as well as with traditional media. Other things you can find me doing is hanging out with my friends, go to concerts or visit any place that catches my interest. Other than that, I read a lot, from thrillers to (art) history books. Also I'm a gamer girl, it's World of Warcraft at the moment, in decent moderation though.

What got me into dolling...
In May 2001 I visited the Simfreaks forum, because I played The Sims a lot and I thought it was fun to get to know other Sims players. There also was an obscure little subforum that carried the name "dollz". I remember thinking... dolls what? What does that have to do with The Sims? So I checked, not quite getting it on my first few visits... I did notice the cute little graphics in people's signatures. "I want one too!" << My first reaction. "I can never make that!" << My second reaction. At the time I didn't realise people used drag and drop dollmakers and edited them, I'd never seen one, so I went all frustrated with myself ("I can't do details!") into Photoshop and drew my own. A few days later I had a hand full of dollz and someone from the forum asked me to be a guest artist on their site. Since I liked creating websites myself, I made my own. On the 6th of July that website was launched.

Have a look at my Twitter or MySpace if you want to know more.

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